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Liverpool / UK


Stag at X in the City (Liverpool)

I always considered myself straight until I saw Anise at our stag party.  The sight of her huge titties and bulging jockstrap had me stirring badly, down below.  She was amazing.




Stag Show in Liverpool




Pee Show

When I booked the pee show  for our Lads Night Out I wasn’t really sure what to expect, except the stripper peeing.  We’d booked a room at a Liverpool pub and it had a small stage in it, which was perfect.  The manager agreed the show as long as he could watch too, no problem.  Starlet, as we found out her name, turned up as planned and we all took our seats as she sat on a chair, facing us, on the stage, naked, except for stockings and heels.  She began by pouring oil over her big tits and began to slowly massage them and gradually worked her way down. She then spread her legs to reveal her very ample cock and then poured oil over it and began massaging it until it was hard.  She then aimed it upwards and a jet of pee shot out over her tits and then in to her mouth.  I can honestly say the guys, me included, cheered.  Another surprise was to come as she carried on massaging her cock and all of a sudden she began to cum.  This we hadn’t expected.  Definitely a great show and a party we’ll never forget.

                                                                                   Ronnie H.




Fake tits


Been to a stag show before and they had a trans stripper through some other agency.    Must say, I wasn’t impressed as the performer hadn’t even bothered to shave their legs and had rubber tits.  I was rather concerned about this when I contacted Sin Sisters but was assured their girls actually had tits and were smooth all over . Anise was the girl we were assigned and she was amazing.  She had tits to die for and was smooth as a baby’s bum.  A very erotic strip show that was enjoyed by all, including the stag.


                                                                                   Nigel J.



Very exciting performer, proper filth.


                                                                                   Lennie M.



I knew when I booked a shemale stripper that the show was described as XXX but I thought it was just words.  I was wrong and somewhat taken aback when Starlet entered the room.   I was expecting the usual type of strip show but I was wrong. Off came her robe and she was absolutely starkers and covered in baby oil. She started to dance and move about the room until she reached the stag, who by now was panicking.  She really got up close and he had nowhere to go and the next thing she had her big tits in his face. She invited him to massage them and I was surprised when he did.  The next thing I knew was the view of her bum and her waving her cock and balls at us. Have to admit I had a twinge down below and I’m absolutely hetero.  What got me was that her cock was hard from the start and 20 minutes later.  How, I don’t know, and she wouldn’t say when I asked, just grinned.  She was such fun to talk to and was completely at ease chatting to us naked and with a hard on.  Great start to the evening.






I can't thank Tee enough. His patience, politeness and professionalism were amazing. From first contact no request was too big or small. I felt well informed and supported, planning a STAG with a Shemale Stripper! I really put Tee through his paces with loads of questions and what felt like a thousand quotes. We got there in the end and what an event it was.  Anise, our entertainer, was absolutely amazing and what a very hot show it was! Would recommend, without hesitation.

                                                                            Rick C.

Hen Party

Just had a call from a lady we’d done a hen party for. She told me that a "few" of the women performed oral on the shemale stripper and that two women had actual intercourse with her in front of everyone.  She asked me if this normal and was it allowed.  I said it was entirely up to the stripper and the person doing it and that I had informed her it was a XXX show. Some women get crazy at these things, more so than men, because most men know their boundaries at strip joints since they value their balls.  She did say she wasn’t really in to that sort of thing but the girls thought it the best hen party they’d been too and it really was an eye-opener.


                                                                             Tee - Manager SSE.