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Booking Prices for 2023 (Local)

Bookings for standard show available on the hour and half hour.

Midday – 7.30pm = £150.

8pm and up to 9.30pm = £200.

10pm and up to 11.30pm = £250.

Midnight onwards, to be advised.


Topless Waitress = £100 hr.

Duo strip show (limited availability) = from £300 (local club)

Fetish Show =£250 - £350

XXX Porn Photo Shoot (1 hour) = £150


If out of area or away from the city centre, hotel & travel costs may need to be included.


The aim of the fetish show is shock value and to revolt and disgust you.  This may involve her stuffing objects up her bum, peeing and pooping, you choose!  These shows are definitely not for the feint-hearted or those with weak stomachs as they are filthy and disgusting and really for those who love filthy kink.  Amazing how popular seeing someone doing these things is such a turn.

It is expected that you to supply the venue and the sheeting for any mess.


Any extra services you may require ,after the show, is between you and the girl!

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