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  • A two week minimum advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

  • When you call please be polite and we'll reciprocate.  All conversations regarding the booking are confidential.

  • SSE always respects the best principles of quality and confidentiality and your satisfaction is essential, regardless of the duration of the reservation. The protection of your private life is very important to us and, as such, we will never disclose to others that you have made contact with us or met one of our girls. We will always delete your private data after our girl has contacted the office and confirmed all has gone well.

  • Always be polite and kind to the entertainer.

  • A deposit will be required and the remainder paid to the agency at least one week before the event.

  • If the entertainer is subject to any abuse she will leave, without giving a refund, and report any incident to the relevant authorities.

  • Hiring exotic dancers for a private show is a time-honoured stag party tradition, but it isn’t an excuse for you and your friends to act like a ravaging Viking horde. Have all the dirty fun you want—just make sure you keep your hands to yourself, unless the performer says it is ok to touch, and your conscience clean.

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