We are often asked how we got in to stripping.  Quite simply, we have no problem with our bodies and we are somewhat exhibitionists so wanted to try it out. It’s not easy being a mature trans woman performing naked in front of a horny bunch of guys, but it sure is fun.  What so many people don’t realize is that it’s not just a case of taking off your clothes, you need to be fit and you need to be alluring with a very hot and sexy act. Believe us, our act is XXX and no-holds barred.  We are somewhat of a rarity, besides being trans, in that we actively encourage audience participation and have no problem with having our tits and cock gently fondled by the audience.

We start our act by entering the room in a silk robe and immediately shed it to reveal our complete nudity, apart from our stockings and heels.  Yes, right from the start, our big tits and cock on display for all to see.  It’s a simple act, but it feels huge. The impact of a buxom and busty mature trans woman peeling off every layer of silk to reveal her body to a packed room of horny guys cannot be understated.  It certainly isn’t a job for a shrinking violet.  We even do a scat strip show, the Scatanooga Poo Poo. Yes, for real, we shit and pee as we strip.  Mainly booked by fetish parties and not for the feint-hearted as this is genuinely filthy and perverse.

We’re trying to normalize the attraction to trans women but, to put it bluntly, we want to change the narrative that says the attraction to trans women is just a fetish.  We want people to come to our shows and celebrate the fact that we are different and that they can still be attracted to someone who is neither male nor female.  It is all about owning our bodies, being able to celebrate it and enjoy other people celebrating it, too. That’s the type of environment that we try to nurture.

To think that we could be that confident in our skin and do what we do is super exciting.  The way all those guys react to us is so exciting.  It’s not just guys, either, as we get a similar response from the ladies. We don’t know anywhere else where we can be this naked and trans. We love it!